Our trip to Savannah

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The side balcony of the 
Owens-Thomas House. 
From this balcony, the Revolutionary War hero, 
the Marquis De Lafayette, addressed 
Savannahians during a visit to the city in the 1830's.
The front door of the Owens-Thomas House. 
Dana in the garden of the President's Quarters
The waving girl spent many years waving her handkerchief or a lantern at passing ships - hoping one of them would bear the seaman she had met and fallen in love with.
Ft. Pulaski was the first brick and mortar fort breached by rifled artillery. It has been well restored,
The powder magazine at Ft. Pulaski. A magazine such as this was in danger from the Union Artillery, so Confedate Col. Olmstead chose the wiser course and surrendered the Fort to US Army Capt. Quincy A. Gillmore
The parade ground restored to its original condition after having been furrowed by Confedate troops to keep errant cannonballs from rolling to far
The US Flag flies over this National Monument
The first photographed baseball game was played inside Ft. Pulaski
The sally port is protected by a draw bridge and portcullis
The damage to the walls of the fort from the Union artillery located ovcer a mile away on Tybee Island is still visible
All of us were very excited when we sighted this Savannah garbage truck, so we took a picture to send to grandson Ethan
High Noon in the Garden of Good and Evil

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